Clouds and Leaves

As I drove home from work today, the clouds were pretty thick, but every once in a while a ray of sunlight would peak through and illuminate the sky.  When I turned into my neighborhood, one little sunbeam hit a tree full of yellow leaves bringing out glorious oranges and mustardy yellows.  Wishing I had my camera with me, I drove the rest of the way home to grab my little picture-taker, intending to run down the street to take a few photos, but was surprised to find the same type of tree sat peacefully in my own front yard covered with the yellow, orange and green leaves.

Forgetting the mountains of baked goods gifted to me by loving colleagues and students, I ran inside to grab my camera and had about five minutes of sunset left and got some shots of the tree in my front yard and some roses in the back.  What a beautiful sunset to close out the last day before winter break.

My tree I didn’t realize I had until today:

DSCN1565   DSCN1567

And, some close-ups of the leaves:

DSCN1569   DSCN1570

The neighbor’s roses sliding over the fence:



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