New House Photos

Well, school started in August and I feel like I have only  had my head in lesson planning, grading and teaching.  Oh yeah, and I looked up for a moment when Peter and I bought a house in October.  It happened so fast, and I still can’t believe we are homeowners. We moved in on October 25 and have spent the last month getting unpacked and getting everything set up on evenings and weekends.

We are so grateful for this great house God provided for us and look forward to many years of memories in it.

Here are some photos.  It’s been rainy and/or overcast for the last few days, so we don’t have any exterior photos yet.  I’ll be on it!

DSCN1557  DSCN1551  DSCN1550  DSCN1555  DSCN1553     DSCN1554  DSCN1542


4 thoughts on “New House Photos

  1. HI Linda. Thanks for sharing your photos of your house. Lots of potential for making it truly yours.
    A note about what happened here since I talked with you – we had a slow draining sink in the (old) bathroom. Grandpa discovered the pipes are really old and falling apart. Well, one thing after another, the sink is gone, taking some of the tile with it! So it looks like we will be getting a renovated bathroom. We know a man who does tile work, I have been on the websites for Lowe’s and Home Depot . All this is OK except it is now December. Christmas tree in one room and construction mess in another…..Love, Grandma Carol

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