The School Year is About to Begin!

August has really gotten away from me.  I spent the last three weeks attending training and meetings for my new job.  Before that, I had intended to write about visiting Rockport with Lauren, The Alamo and Riverwalk in San Antonio, Austin again, the Planetarium at Los Brazos State Park, and a boat tour of Fulton Beach.  I’ll try to get to those soon!

Peter and I really enjoyed having my sister Lauren visit in early July and one of my BFFs Steph visit later that month.  I loved having them to myself!  I showed them around Victoria (That didn’t take very long.) and we took a few day trips.  That was fun, but I enjoyed the long lazy afternoons and car rides where we could connect be our zany selves.  I hope they come back next summer!  If anyone else is thinking about coming to visit me, please do!  I’ll show you around and cook lots of yummy food for you.

So, now the school year is beginning for Peter and I tomorrow.  Hmm…

We’re feeling excited to meet our students but sad to see the end of summer.  I did teach a developmental English course at Victoria College last semester as well as substitute for the Victoria school district, but because I wasn’t teaching full time, it really felt like break for me.  If anyone asked me before we moved to Victoria if I needed a break from teaching, I would have quickly dismissed it as a silly question.  I had a plan: I was going to teach until we could have a baby.  There was no plan for a break.  But God knew I needed a break, and I’m so glad He gave me that break.  Even after three weeks of training, meetings and lots of confusion, I feel more refreshed than I ever have.   I need to do a follow-up to the finding peace post from earlier this year because there is lots more to this story.

Anyway, I signed a paper that says I will not post any information about what happens at the school on the internet, so I probably will not be blogging about my job too much.

I appreciate all of you, family and friends, who have been praying for and supporting Peter and I through our transition to our new home in Victoria, Texas.  Tomorrow is another milestone for us and we are praying that God would be moving in and through our lives as we embrace a new set of students and colleagues this school year.


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