Where is Victoria?

South of Houston, north of Corpus Christi, southeast of San Antonio, southeast of Austin, Victoria is the “crossroads” of South Texas.

Victoria is a small city around with a population of about 62,000. The southwest end of Victoria is more of a historical area and the north end has more recent construction.  Every part of Victoria is flat; there are no hills or mountains anywhere.  Looking off into the distance over the road or a field seems like the earth just stops at  a certain point.  As Peter pointed out, the biggest structures around are buildings.  There are many some trees, especially lining the back roads on the southeast end of town.

We see some wildlife: many birds and lizards.  We even saw a deer at Riverside Park one day.

I have driven to Houston three times–twice to the airport, and all three times have been surprised at how far it is.  On the map, there is very little in terms of cities or towns between Victoria and Houston which makes me think they are should be closer together.  So far, Victoria to Houston has been a long, boring drive.   I look forward to driving to Austin and San Antonio this summer which is (slightly) closer.


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